Noshbox prices

A box of 5 items
Five food items & one toy
£7.00 per box
A box of 6 items
Six food items & two toys
£7.90 per box
A box of 7 items
Seven food items & three toys
£8.80 per box
A box of 8 items
Extra Large
Eight food items & four toys
£9.70 per box

Noshbag prices

Image of Noshbag


This is our new reduced-price party food option, which is only £5 per bag including delivery to your party venue (within Brighton and Hove). It's the same beautiful home-baked quality, and all packaging is still recyclable or compostable.
The difference is that this is a 'set menu', rather than the choice you get with 'Noshbox'.
Minimum order is 15 children.

Grown up food prices

People's hands going in to grab food from table

Grown up platters

The majority of our platters contain twenty portions and cost £20.00. Our sausage rolls, mushroom rolls and mint choc bites contain sixty portions and cost £20.00.