We make children's party food that children love, and that parents love to give to their children.

Noshbox is the brainchild of Kath, a Brighton mum of two boys. Kath has always loved baking for her children and their friends, enjoying the challenge of creating new and exciting foods that they will love. Noshbox grew out of Kath's love for cooking for her own children's parties, and the realisation that there is a gap in the market for a catering service that offers home baked party food, presented in an extra special way. Kath wanted party food to be an experience; a food adventure for the children; and something they would remember. She wanted it to be a step away from the standard crisps and sandwiches party fayre. And so the Noshbox was born.

The Noshbox is a beautifully presented, personalised box packed full of yummy home baked food, with a few toys thrown in for good measure. Each child gets their own box, and grownups will enjoy the buzz in the room as the children go about exploring them. There are many options to customise the boxes, so no two parties are the same. The grownups will have as much fun as the children watching the process unravel!

Browse the menu and you will see there are over a hundred items to choose from to go in the boxes. There are healthy options, as well as some gloriously unhealthy ones too! We have a growing range of themed party food. All food is vegetarian (or pescatarian). We also have gluten free, dairy free, and vegan options. Please get in touch if there are any dietary requirements not mentioned. Many of our recipes can be adapted to meet dietry requirements. We will see what we can do, as we believe that no-one should have to go without cake!

Noshbox also has an optional menu of delicious home baked food for the grown up guests, which comes on platters for sharing. You can also order your party drinks from us if you wish. Everything is delivered to your home or the party venue, in giant cool boxes, so that the stress is removed from party planning.

All of our packing is recyclable or compostable, and everything you need is provided. There are no dishes to wash up afterwards, and the Noshbox can even be taken home as a doggy bag for snacking later, to reduce food waste.

It takes less than ten minutes to complete your order, then you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the party!

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Picture of Kath cooking in the Noshbox kitchen